Ross Barkley has called it “probably” the best ten days of his career, making his first two England appearances in two years over the break, and then continuing his great form for club as well with the equalizer against Manchester United in the 96th minute.

The massive outpouring of emotion from the stands as well as the dugouts were rewards well deserved after working ever so hard to overcome his injury issues and rising to the challenge he set for himself by moving away from his hometown and childhood club.

At still just 24 years old, the one time Everton superstar of the future is threatening to actually turn into one under the tutelage of Maurizio Sarri.

And yet, as he revealed during the international break, he lives the quiet life of an absolute non-superstar, concentrating largely on his job (i.e. football), living by himself close to the training ground, and circumstances permitting, even walking back home from the stadium.

And in the glorious sunshine (!?) of a mid-October Saturday afternoon in West London, Ross the Boss, the Man of the People, did just that, pausing for a picture with a few fans along the way as well.

Sometimes you see a grown man in head-to-toe Chelsea kit, and you take a picture for laughs. Sometimes you a grown man in head-to-toe Chelsea (training) kit, and it’s Ross Barkley.

And then you take a laughable picture. How is no one looking at the camera or keeping their eyes open?!

In all seriousness, if Barkley keeps this up, both on and off the pitch, he just might find himself posing for plenty more pictures with Chelsea fans. He’s becoming an immensely likeable fellow.


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