Hazard was marked by Herrera when Chelsea were beaten 2-0 by United at Old Trafford in 2016-17

Hazard consider the Spaniard among his toughest opponents since then

Chelsea ace expects the same on Saturday from someone in United squad; he’s ready to get this player booked

”I think I will get special attention because the last three years have been like this against Man United,” Hazard told Sky Sports when asked whether he expects special attention from United men tomorrow. “They tried [Ander] Herrera and last year it was the young guy, [Scott] McTominay. So yes I expect that on Saturday.”


He then said what he’d do in case the story repeats itself: ”First to play simple and then pass and go because if Herrera is marking me, I know I’m quicker than him, so I pass the ball and I’m just running I can do something good.”

The interviewer Jamie Redknapp said that maybe Hazard should ‘get him booked early maybe’ to which Hazard replied with a ‘yes’ without even thinking properly.

”And also [tell] my teammates to move the ball quickly and when I’m in the box try to do something.”


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