Excellent news for Chelsea as Thomas Tuchel ready to continue huge Frank Lampard’s legacy

It’s possible that history might be kinder on Frank Lampard as time passes, especially when it comes to his work with the younger players.

He played a huge role in developing and giving chances to Tammy Abraham, Reece James, Mason Mount, Fikayo Tomori and a few more players during his time, so his legacy should be remembered for finally showing that the academy can produce top level players.

That approach was drastically altered in the summer when they spent so much money and bloated the squad to unsustainable levels, so it effectively ended the pathway for the young players as they took on a “win now” approach.

Every club needs to have an active youth system as it’s a low cost way of producing players, it will always get the fans on side if they see youngsters making it into the team and it can inspire kids to take up the game and possible go on to play for the club in the future too.

There has to be fears that the arrival of Thomas Tuchel would move away from developing the younger players and he would purely be tasked with getting the team into the Champions League and attracting more big names, but he confirmed he has a commitment to giving chances to players if they impress:

Clearly it’s not an easy time to assess these players and to get to know them so that might hamper their chances just now, but it’s clear that the German coach is still doing all he can to keep up to date with their progress.