Lukaku reveals why he wants Real Madrid to beat Chelsea after winning Serie A title

Despite being a former Chelsea player and a transfer target for Chelsea this summer, Romelu Lukaku has revealed he wants Real Madrid to beat Chelsea because he wants Eden Hazard and Thibaut Courtois to win the Champions League.

He admitted he has been speaking with Courtois and Hazard on how to beat old club Chelsea.

Lukaku claims he ‘knows what Eden wants to do’ against Chelsea on Wednesday night.

Lukaku said: “I have spoken with Courtois and I will speak with Eden tomorrow.

“I know what Eden wants to do. I hope that he will win the UCL and LaLiga and be 100 per cent ready for the Euros.”

On why he wants Real Madrid to beat Chelsea, Lukaku added: “Eden Hazard is a 100 per cent formidable player, he is a player different from the rest.

“We will need him at the Euros – I hope as many Belgian players as possible will win trophies this season because you are taking some experience and you become a killer by earning titles.”