Paul Merson reveals why no top striker will want to join Tuchel at Chelsea

According to Arsenal legend Paul Merson, no top striker will fancy joining Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea because the Blues don’t create too many chances per game.

“I think he needs to bring in a world-class forward. The problem with brining in a centre-forward is that they don’t make a million chances per game,” Paul Merson told Sky Sports.

“If you’re Haaland and you’re looking at Chelsea and you’re telling your agent ‘I’m watching Chelsea play and they’re not making chances, I’m going to be working off scraps for a top 4 team.’

“But I still like this manager. I love the way they’re playing, there’s a lot of energy he’s given them. He’s given them confidence.

“Will this team be able to play like this in front of fans at Stamford Bridge next season? Teams will press and try and stop Tuchel next season.”