A report reaching us from Spain, according to Marca PSG are set to sell Edinson Cavani and has a hefty price tag of €30m.

They are quoting that in the context of Atletico’s very concrete interest in the striker, but it applies to us too as we’ve been linked.

It already seemed like a long shot for us, as Cavani wasn’t going to be happy sitting on the bench. But now when it’s clear his price is going to be so big, we can effectively rule it out.

It may be that he ends up going for less than that. The article points out that Atletico are only offering €10m, and the two clubs will probably meet somewhere in the middle.

Regardless, we can’t see us paying more than that for a backup, even one with the reputation and record of Cavani.

The fans in Spain can start rubbing their hands, we reckon we’ve been priced out of this particular chase.

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