Jorginho’s penalty technique is truly special. The midfielder’s unorthodox bounce as he approaches the ball gives him a split-second advantage over the goalkeeper as both prepare to commit to the shot.

It might be looking pretty strange but it certainly works as the Italy international has scored 19 of his 20 penalties during his entire career, including 6 out of 6 under Frank Lampard.

The Blues’ fans are loving Jorginho’s style.

@harvie_millier says: “love Jorginho’s penalty technique, full of deception and he has the confidence in this unorthodox technique”.

@kay_world1 says: Jorginho’s penalty technique though…. I panic every time he is going to take a pk but he ends up putting it away calmly”. 😍

@DOFFISHAL says:Can we talk about Jorginho’s penalties? The technique, finess and little jump? It will take a god to save one of those. Absolute legend” 🙌

The best penalty taker in the game right now?