According to former Premier League defender Danny Higginbotham, Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri will eventually choose to utilise Eden Hazard as a false No 9 just how he did with Dries Mertens at Napoli.

“I personally think that he will end up playing as the No 9, I really do,” Higginbotham said of Eden Hazard, according to Daily Express.

“When I look at Sarri and his time at Napoli and what he did with Mertens, I think he will end up playing near enough as a false No 9.

“That’s my own honest opinion, possibly with Pedro and Willian, so all three of them can get in.

“He loves to move the ball quickly Sarri.

“We talk about Sarri-ball, they say it’s tiki-taka but going forward and quickly.

“With Hazard, if you’ve got him as a so-called false No 9, that could work really well.

“But they are a team that are adjusting from a three to a four at the back.

“But there are some great players and the midfield is a key area as well.”


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