Chelsea winger Willian Borges has entered the final 5 months of his contract with Chelsea, and it’s not clear whether it’ll be extended. For a long time, he has been a fairly controversial figure among the Blues’ fans, but it looks like he isn’t now – at least, according to some Chelsea fans.

Addey Stellar: “I’ll rate him 7/10. Willian would have rated higher if not for his inconsistency. Out of about seven seasons he has had, we may only have had about 2 or 3 that were above average!”

Shedrick Silumbwe: “Wilian has been instrumental in Chelsea since he joined. He carried Chelsea on his shoulders during hard times the club were passing through. So he deserves 8/10. What a player with commitment, very loyal to the club. He will remain in the Chelsea books. He is a legend, pure legend.” However, Willian is one of the rare foreigners to have played more than 300 games for the Blues:

Prince Mcdorni: “How many UCL free-kicks in a row? You have done a lot for us and you would have deserved a higher rating but for the few times you let us down, so 8.5 is ok.”

Lucas Olang: “8/10, he is a really big deal, the man for the big occasion, better than Hazard on a big stage. He gave his all against Barcelona, Tottenham, Man City, Liverpool, name it. On big occasions, he doesn’t disappoint.”

Chris Campbell: “9/10, great professional. He possibly should have scored more goals, but if and when he leaves he’s got the medals he deserves.”

Amot King makes a very bold statement: “10/10. Willian is the best player Chelsea ever had after Didier Drogba.”


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