“Not normal for a goalkeeper” – Mendy’s weakness as a goalkeeper finally revealed

According to former Premier League defender Amad Faye, Mendy’s weakness as a goalkeeper is his inability to communicate with his defenders.

Speaking to Africa Foot United , the former Newcastle, Leeds and Stoke player said: “There isn’t an issue for Mendy. He hasn’t made that many mistakes.

“I was worried about his passing, but for now, everything is going well for him. He’s doing well compared to his predecessor.

“It’s true that he’s letting goals in, which I find normal for a keeper, but he also makes five, six saves. Unfortunately, his defenders aren’t helping him.

“For me, the only problem Mendy has is that he doesn’t communicate. He needs to open his mouth and speak to his defenders who do crazy things. He’s too timid for a goalkeeper, which isn’t normal.”