“So ridiculous” – Chelsea fans blasts Lampard for not starting Chelsea player against Fulham

Chelsea fans have slammed Chelsea boss Frank Lampard for his decision not to start Chelsea winger Callum Hudson-Odoi against Fulham.

Despite scoring in his last two games for the Blues, Hudson-Odoi was named on the bench for the game against Fulham.

Check out how Chelsea fans reacted to Hudson-Odoi being named on the bench:

@AlexGoldberg tweeted: “CHO on the bench 🤬 It’s not about Pulisic, it’s not about Ziyech, they could easily be great today… It’s about the fact that Callum Hudson-Odoi deserves to start as much as anyone right now, if not more. This is getting utterly ridiculous.”

@CFCMod_ tweeted: “I genuinely feel horrible for Hudson-Odoi, there’s literally nothing more he can do with the little minutes he gets and he still performs. So unfair.”

@CFCPys tweeted: “Callum Hudson Odoi had to start today, there was no if but’s or maybe’s, I’m a big fan of Pulisic but Lampard has said in the past he will play players on merit and CHO has had a fantastic last few weeks and he doesn’t get rewarded, what sort of message does this send out?”

@LDNFootball tweeted: “Hudson-Odoi and Gilmour have earned a place in the starting 11. There’s no doubt about it. Age is just a number when you have quality like these two. Should be regular starters, sooner rather than later.”

@nomifooty tweeted: “If players are actually selected on ‘merit’ then there was no way Hudson Odoi should’ve been benched!! He surely desevres to start. Anyways, let’s hope we get the win as three points is all that matters right now.”

@BillyGilmourSZN tweeted: “Despite only getting 8 starts Hudson-Odoi has 5 goals and 2 assists this season. Definitely deserved to start today.”