Thomas Tuchel reveals two strong reasons why he’s happy with Champions League draw

Chelsea drew Porto in the Champions League quarter finals coming up later this month, and the first question put to Thomas Tuchel in the press conference today was whether he was happy with the draw.

Porto are seen as the weakest remaining team in the competition, so it was assumed that Tuchel would be pleased having drawn them. But the two reasons he gave for Football London for being pleased were subtly different.

He pointed out firstly that he was happy to have avoided the English sides left in the competition.

Not because they’re strong, but because like all fans, when you play in Europe you want to play European teams, not the same ones you face two or more times a year domestically.

He was also happy that Chelsea were drawn at home in the second leg, which he said “feels good” and is a “slight advantage”.

The German coach wasn’t accepting any hints that Porto are a soft touch though. As he said with a grin, ask them in Turin what they think about that idea.