(VIDEO): Thiago Silva’s wife blasts Timo Werner after his awful miss vs Real Madrid

Well, there is never a dull moment at Chelsea that is for sure, and there might be an awkward moment or two at training later for Timo Werner and Thiago Silva.

The Metro have picked up on reports that Silva’s wife, during Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Real Madrid last night, voiced her frustrations at Werner missing his chances to score and put Chelsea in the lead.

Belle Silva is often vocal whilst watching Chelsea games and will post it via her Instagram stories, her passion and support for her husband and the team is admirable.

But it appears that even Werner’s misses are getting to her now as well, in quotes translated by the Metro.

“This is karma, guys.

“Every team I go to there is a striker who keeps missing goals… this Werner, what is his name?’

In a second video posted on her account, Isabelle da Silva added:

“We need a goal, we need to win this match but my attackers don’t want to score, I don’t know why they don’t score.”

Ouch. And what is worse, on the original post translating the video from a Twitter user, there are even claims that Belle called Silva ‘a worm.’ Yikes.