(Video): Thomas Tuchel reveals what he’ll bring to Chelsea following Lampard’s sacking

According to reports, Thomas Tuchel is expected to become the new Chelsea manager.

Frank Lampard was relieved of his duties on Monday morning after less than two years in charge of the west London club.

However, A past interview by Rio Ferdinand with Tuchel discussing the matter has attracted a lot of attention from Chelsea fans on Twitter in the wake of Monday’s chaos.

During the short clip, the former Paris Saint-Germain manager explains how players need clear instructions, but when they’re comfortable and protected, they must be afforded freedom to express themselves.

“In that moment when you are protected, please find your solution,” Tuchel says to Ferdinand towards the end of the video.

“I will never tell Neymar what to do in a certain closed space, because he will find a solution I never dream about.

“I will never tell Kylian [Mbappe]. Why, why should I? I will never tell Marco Verratti what to do, he will find a solution that I did not find.”

Tuchel is adamant that footballers cannot play purely on natural instinct. However, once they’re in certain scenarios, they must be allowed to do as they please, rather than adhering to an instruction from the manager.