While Chelsea do not have any player left in the squad from the Champions League victory of 2012 in Munich, Bayern can still boast of three players left from that squad.

The likes of Manuel Neuer, Jerome Boateng and Thomas Muller are all left from that squad and took part in the final in Munich.

Frank Lampard who was part of that Champions League winning team is the current manager of the team and he knows all about the German side.

Muller now 30, admits he remembers little of Lampard from that game, but has hailed Lampard as a super player, as he told The Athletic.

“He played practical football,” Muller admitted. “Technically very good, super shooting technique, super with long balls — a midfielder who could work and be dangerous in front of goal at the same time.

“He simply knew: these are the things you need to do to win football matches. He was a player I can really relate to.”

Chelsea will host Bayern Munich on Tuesday February 25, before the return leg at Allianz Arena on March 18.