Jose Mourinho will have another opportunity to face Chelsea this time as the manager of London rivals Tottenham when both clubs meet next month.

Chelsea have a dicey away trip to the London Stadium on December 22, and former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane believes Jose will be looking forward to that clash.

“Mourinho will love playing Chelsea and will love going back to Old Trafford in a couple of weeks,” Keane said on Sky Sports.

“His ego will be really big. He’ll be strong with his ego because that’s what he’ll be looking forward to. That’s what he’s in the game for, he’s a big character, his CV is amazing.

“We have to respect that, it’s good to see him back and hopefully there’s some fireworks on the touchline.

“We’ve seen it today, he was dead nice to everybody. I hope he’s not too nice, we need to see that nasty side. I’m sure we will when he starts dropping points.”

Mourinho started his Tottenham career with a 3-2 win against West Ham last weekend. The Portuguese had two stints as Chelsea manager and won the Premier League three times with the Blues.