BREAKING: UEFA makes final decision on Rudiger after bite on Pogba

Manchester United star Paul Pogba claimed that Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger “nibbled” him during the Euro 2020 clash between France and Germany.

During the game, Pogba reacted angrily after Rudiger seemed to have put his teeth on his back before reaching his arms around the Frenchman’s chest.

Pogba reported the matter to the referee towards the end of the first half in Munich, but no action was taken.

However, the incident will not be investigated by UEFA, as it has been confirmed that no case will be opened by UEFA against the Chelsea defender.

Rudiger has since apologised for the incident and admitted that he shouldn’t have done so.

“I should not come close with my mouth to his back, no doubt about it,” Rudiger said.

“It looks unfortunate. Paul and I have talked about it as friends after the final whistle.”