Do you think sarri will be sack if he fails to win the next game?

“I would like to see them stick with him and not make this change, certainly in the middle of the season,” Carragher said on Sky Sports. “But unfortunately we know that these next fixtures, because of Chelsea’s history, you would imagine could be vital to whether Sarri gets the chance [to carry on].

“I actually think Chelsea, and not just Chelsea but a lot of the clubs now, the top four is everything, getting into the Champions League, even sometimes more than a cup final. I actually think the Tottenham game is huge as opposed to the others.

“I think if he lost a couple of the others it wouldn’t be the end of the world for him. I think the Tottenham game, I think as soon as Chelsea’s hierarchy feel they could miss out on the top four, that’s when they may make that change.

“We see teams at the bottom sort of throw the dice at the end of the season: ‘we’re going to get relegated, it’s worth the risk’. I think Chelsea think that at the other end of the table. It’s worth taking the risk to try and get into the top four and it’s just unfortunate.

“If he wants to be a manager who comes in and implements his style which is going to take time, 100 per cent, he’s probably picked the wrong club.

“We keep talking about Chelsea picking the wrong manager, maybe he’s picked the wrong club.”