Former Arsenal and Chelsea star Cesc Fabregas took to Twitter while both his former clubs were battling to qualify for the Europa League final and it was rather obvious which team he was more in to.

Some context first, Fabregas was with Arsenal for eight years and appeared for them 212 times and was with Chelsea for five years and made 138 appearances.

Now, despite playing for Arsenal 74 more times and being a Gunner for three years longer than he was a Blue it is Chelsea that he appears to be favouring.

The former Spanish international did 11 tweets last night when both teams were playing and every single one of them was in support of Chelsea.

He did not congratulate Arsenal at all and did not even acknowledge their win at Valencia, though he did congratulate Spurs when they beat Ajax to make the Champions League final.

He never actually came out and tweeted that he would support Chelsea in the final but you do not have to be a brain surgeon to work out where his allegiance will lie when his two former clubs meet in Baku at the end of the month.