Chelsea boss Sarri insists on staying: It’s beautiful here

Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri has once more declared he needs to remain next season.

Sarri was speaking with Sky Italian Republic when their 1-1 draw at Galilean League opponents Eintracht Frankfurt on the Main.

Asked concerning staying, the Italian said: “As way as i am involved, this championship is actually intriguing to ME. you reside in an exceedingly lovely atmosphere. the extent is competitive, I like it.”

And on his players this season, Sarri conjointly stated: “The boys ar sensible, we have a tendency to had toughies in an exceedingly difficult championship just like the Premier. we have a tendency to created a league final when eliminating urban center and Tottenham, this looks to be a lot of of a Champions League path.

“I’m pleased with the evolution of the boys, i’m happy for this chance of inbound within the final and within the prime four.”