Chelsea is ready to say goodbye to talented Midfielder Mario Pasalic.

The young lad has been a talented midfielder who has been loaned all over the club since arriving at the club in 2014.

He’s never made a first team appearance, and now it looks like it’s not going to happen. Finally, after two years at Atalanta, he will make his move there permanent this summer.

However, it was a Tweet from notorious transfer insider Fabrizio Romano that convinced everyone that the deal is happening at last.

€15m is the fixed fee in the loan deal, so there’s no way we can demand more. However there is something puzzling about the way the deal was set up.

Why did we loan him there again this season, with the same loan clause? Why not raise the fee they have to pay after he helped them get into the Champions League?

We’ll likely never know, and we’ll likely never see Pasalic play for Chelsea now.