Chelsea Star Could Complete Move To La Liga Giants ‘within The Next Few Hours’


Reports are circulating that Chelsea winger Willian is on the verge of becoming a Barcelona player.

Barcelona’s interest in Willian was first reported during the World Cup. It looks as though the deal is now further advanced, that’s if you believe what you see on Twitter.

Willian won our players’ player of the year award. He also picked up the end of season awards back in 2016.

That isn’t, though, a reflection of our good he’s been for us. He’s been incredibly inconsistent throughout his time here.

If Barcelona are willing to give us a fair price for him, it’s time to cash-in. It would be unwise not to.

Willian will be the wrong side of 30 come the end of the season. He’s not going to get any better. We should sell him and reinvest that money in a younger model.

Leon Bailey, Christian Pulisic or Malcom. That’s the time of player we should be after.