Eden Hazard appeared for the first at the Santiago Bernabéu as a Real Madrid player, and received a warm welcome from the Madrid faithful.

Hazard still does not have a shirt number, however, and told a short story about a conversation with Luka Modric over the number 10 shirt.

Right after he was presented in front of an excited crowd at the Bernabéu, Real Madrid’s new star was asked at a press conference about what number shirt he will wear at ‘Los Blancos’.

Hazard, who wore the number 10 during his time at Chelsea, revealed that he spoke to Luka Modric to ask him, jokingly, if he would give up the number 10 shirt.

In fact, the Belgian’s shirt is already for sale…but without a number.

“I was fortunate that I was able to talk to Modric through Kovacic. I jokingly asked him to leave me the number 10 and he said no (laughs).

But well, the number for me is not the most important thing, the most important thing is the badge,” said Hazard.