Eden Hazard responds to Maurizio Sarri’s criticism

Eden Hazard was asked after the Tottenham game if he thinks Maurizio Sarri is happy with the team’s performance now, and the Belgian answered cheekily:

“I hope so (laughs). In the meeting we had before the game, we talk about going through and play the final. So, now we are in the final and we’re just happy.”

When pressed about if he thinks he is really a leader, the striker said:

“My job on the pitch is to do what I can, and today I did. I always say that on the pitch I am a leader. I think I’m a leader (laughs).”

Earlier in the week Hazard commented on his relationships with coaches:

“I didn’t just frustrate Conte. In my career, I’ve frustrated all my coaches. And with Sarri, once again, I frustrate him. They think that I need to mark more, do more of this and more of that. And the next coach that I have, I’ll frustrate him as well.”

Sarri then hit back at the player: “I prefer him when he speaks with his feet. He has to do more. At this moment, he’s more an individual player than a leader.”