Ex-Chelsea striker Demba Ba has send transfer message to Chelsea boss Frank Lampard against spending massive amounts of money on too many players in January.

The 34-year-old even makes a bold prediction about their title prospect for the next season. He does believe, though, that on or two experienced players could make a difference in the big games.

“I would love to see them continue doing what they’re doing,” Ba told the Independent.

“Those youngsters are proving themselves every week. They’re not as experienced as some players who are 27 or 28 so maybe Chelsea could sign some experienced players to help them win the important games, the biggest games.

“It doesn’t mean they have to spend hundreds of millions – I believe small additions can help them.

I saw a picture that shows how much Liverpool sold Coutinho for, and the players they bought with this money. The team that they built, it’s unbelievable!

“This year, Chelsea won’t be far off and I believe if the management let Frank do what he’s doing, next year they will surely fight for big titles. I have faith in Lamps.”