FIFA explain why Man City avoid transfer ban but Chelsea didn’t

As it was reported yesterday, Manchester City have escaped harsh punishment for breaking the rules regarding the registration of underaged players. Instead of getting a transfer ban, like Chelsea, the Citizens will instead pay a rather small £314,670 fine.

FIFA spokesperson explained that such a difference in punishment is due to the City’s cooperation with the investigation.

He said: “FIFA’s judicial bodies handle all cases on an individual basis as circumstances differ from case to case. In its decision on Manchester City, FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee took into consideration all specific circumstances of the case as well as the club’s cooperation in clarifying the relevant facts.

“Please note that in line with article 50 (8) of the FIFA Disciplinary Code (2019 version), ‘at any time prior to the meeting set up to decide the case by the relevant judicial body, a party may accept responsibility and request the FIFA judicial bodies to impose a specific sanction.’

“Manchester City has accepted its responsibility, which has been considered by FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee in its decision.”