The UEFA Super Cup Final on Wednesday will be a truly historic and groundbreaking event. It will be the first UEFA men’s game ever to be refereed by women.

It won’t be the first game for Stephanie Frappart at the highest level of men’s football, as she has already officiated several League 1 games. However, it will certainly be the most important one not only for herself but, to an extent, for all women around the world.

Frappart is confident she will not feel fear or hesitation on the pitch tomorrow despite such immense responsibility the all-female team face (Manuela Nicolosi from Italy and Ireland’s Michelle O’Neill will be the referee’s assistants).

Stephanie said: “This is not the first appointment for me [in men’s football], I know really the meaning of that – I think there is not a lot of difference (between men’s and women’s football) because football is the same.

“It’s the same rules so I will do the same as the women’s game. We have proved ourselves technically and physically that we are the same as the men. We are ready – we are not afraid.

“I think we’re the same (as male referees), we have to prove technically and tactically we’re ready. I’m not afraid about that.”

Somewhat troubling commentaries have followed later, as Roberto Rossetti chairman of the UEFA Referees Committee expecting us see some unpopular decisions by the team, though he does not doubt these decisions to be rightful.

“They have courage. They don’t hesitate to give unpopular decisions… you’ll see that tomorrow, believe me!” Rossetti said.