Jorginho is a player who has caused constant debate amongst Chelsea supporters since arriving at the club last summer.

The Italian international joined at the same time as Maurizio Sarri, and of course came from the same club.

Immediately he became a scapegoat to some supporters, who grew frustrated with Sarri’s style of play. Oddly, they decided to take it out on Jorginho, due to him being the one who orchestrated the play.

But that was his role, that was what Sarri asked of him, he was simply doing his job.

The 27-year old wasn’t phased though, and he has come out fighting this season against all the odds. Many even believed he would follow Sarri to Juventus.

But now he has become a key member of Frank Lampard’s squad, and the new Chelsea boss absolutely loves his new midfielder, even believing that he is fortunate to have him in his squad.

As reported by Sky Sports, Lampard told them:

“What I see in Jorginho is a quality of pass and I want to see him use his range.

“He played some great through-balls against Liverpool and I know he can do it. He can do what’s asked of him and he is eager to do it.

“I love his spirit, how he trains and how he plays. I keep going on about that but it’s infectious and it’s important.

“I watched him last year and I thought he finished the season really well but you only really know a player when you see them day in and day out.

“From the first day of training he showed me instantly his quality and his attitude. I am actually fortunate to have Jorginho.”