Frank Lampard: Jorginho Can be a Leader, and a Legend of the Club

As Maurizio Sarri’s most prominent signing, he might have seemed like a spare part in the Frank Lampard era.

Yet there are signs that Jorginho, the naturalised Italian born in Brazil, the man coveted by Pep Guardiola who ultimately chose London over Manchester, may thrive even under Chelsea’s new managerial regime.

If Sunday against Manchester United was not an ideal start in an over-offensive midfield, then Wednesday’s night’s UEFA Super Cup, where N’Golo Kante offered immaculate protection, made Lampard take note.

Not just of the technical excellence, which has never been in doubt, but as much of the leadership Jorginho offers on the pitch. Lampard places great stock in character so the indications are that the player has made a lasting impression on his new manager.

‘We had generals on the pitch, people like Jorginho,’ said Lampard, enthusiastically reviewing the 2-2 draw with Liverpool, which ended in undeserved defeat on penalties.

‘He was fantastic, constantly talking to people around him, constantly dragging people up to get the [defensive] line up and playing with quality.

They, the players, are the ones that drive that when they get out there. That was the most pleasing thing for me: the spirit and attitude of the players. It felt really special.