Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has warned Tottenham Hotspur boss Jose Mourinho to expect abuse from Chelsea fans when he faces the Blues with Tottenham on Sunday.

Mourinho was once adored by Chelsea fans after winning three Premier League titles with Chelsea but the love died after he became Manchester United boss.

Lampard believes Mourinho joining Chelsea’s fiercest rivals Tottenham means he should expect abuse from Chelsea fans.

Lampard said: “If you go to your fiercest rivals, fans will give the answer. That doesn’t mean they have forgotten the history or don’t respect it. “Jose Mourinho is a manager who wants to work and took that opportunity.

“He won’t be too concerned, either. Look at the times he came back with Manchester United, it looked like he didn’t care back then.

“We know that it’s a huge rivalry. Probably, in my era, it became the biggest of the London derbies.

“It just felt like that in the stadium and on the pitch. So possibly it is. “Any rivalry, any local derby, ups the ante. I remember that feeling, that eagerness to win and desperation not to lose. That’s how we all feel about it.”