Gary Neville Reveals why Chelsea beat city

The Blues won 2-0 last week thus ending City’s perfect run
Sky’s pundit didn’t see Chelsea expose City at any minute
He agrees Chelsea did well to take their chances in a waiting game

Chelsea dealt Manchester City their first defeat in the Premier League this season last week but not everyone saw a masterplan in Maurizio Sarri’s men action on the day that saw the Blues triumph 2-0 at home.

”I don’t think (Chelsea exposed a weakness) because I thought City were very good,” Gary Neville said on Monday Night Football.

”Ultimately what you’re looking for when you’re playing against City is to be honest with you is to stay in the game and take your chances. That’s what Chelsea did.

”They were going in at half time 1-0 thanking their lucky stars. And then you get a set piece and things go for you. City missed chances.

And then you have a day that ends up becoming a special day for Chelsea. But in terms of exposing weakness, no I think it’s far too early to suggest that.

”I think City still played well in the game. It wasn’t the performance of a team that was falling apart or coming apart at the seams. It was the performance of a team that didn’t take its chances and just made a couple of mistakes at certain points.”

With those 3 points, the Blues edged closer to the top but are still 8 point away from new league leaders Liverpool. Former Neville’s teammate Ryan Giggs believes it’s not all over for the Blues in the title race.