Hazard: ‘We say that Sarri is the father of Jorginho’

The Belgian reveals the boss and the playmaker have a special relationship
The Italy international is nevertheless a top player who is bossing the midfield, the Blues’ ace stresses
Hazard told the Times: “Jorghino’s playing fantastically at the moment. He controls the midfield. He likes the ball. He had the confidence with the manager already because he played with him before.

“He knows the manager. In the dressing room, we say that Sarri is the father of Jorginho because they always talk and laugh together, but I understand why because Jorginho is a fantastic player. He makes life simple for us, the right ball at the right moment.

“He is a top player. It is not because he is a friend of the manager. I don’t think about that. He’s playing really good so he’s on the pitch.”

Having moved to Chelsea this summer, Jorginho has taken no adaptation time indeed, mainly because of the fact he has always know what exactly the newly-appointed specialist would demand from his key player. The 26-year-old has been demonstrating a superb form, a brilliant passing ability and a solid display overall. Remarkably, having completed 180 passes in Chelsea’s draw with the Hammers, the Italo-Brazilian established a new Premier League high since the records began in 2003.