Ex-Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois now at Real Madrid romped with the mum of his secret lovechild at the Chelsea team hotel, according to Daily Star. Thibaut Courtois reportedly started seeing Elsa Izac, his neighbour, weeks after he moved in with his then-girlfriend Marta Dominguez.

“Thibaut has never sent him a birthday or Christmas card; he never asks how Enzo is. She wants him to acknowledge Enzo is his son publicly,” a pal told Daily Star. “He had never denied to her that he is the father.”

Describing how the pair met, the friend said: “If ever Elsa had Thibaut’s parcels, he would come and ring the bell to say thank you. She thought he was so polite. Then he would ask her for coffee and she thought, ‘Why not?’

“Then one day she noticed the way he was looking at her. Marta Dominguez, his girlfriend, was pregnant at the time. Elsa did not appreciate it. “He looked like he wanted something from her, physical not emotional.”

“They started seeing each other in secret,” the pal added. “She went to the hotel the night before Chelsea games. “She had another room on another floor. That is how they saw each other. They did that eight or 10 times.”

But the pal claimed: “They did not plan to have a baby, but she was planning on going to Madrid with him. “She told him she was pregnant. He was saying it wasn’t good for his career and people are going to find out. “He asked her to have an abortion. She told him she was not going to do that. Then he told her she was free to see somebody else if she wanted to.

“But he didn’t say he didn’t want to see her any more. Elsa felt like he wanted just a fling. It was just awful. “They broke up when she was five months pregnant. He gave her a choice…between the baby and him.”