Chelsea won 2-1 at Watford, thank entirely to Eden Hazard.

The Belgian was in inspired form, and lead his club to a win they didn’t really deserve.

He reminded everyone just how good he is, and how important he is to this club.

He then decided to follow that up with a pretty exciting statement about his future – one where drew comparisons between himself and some of the greatest modern legends of the club.

They were Hazard’s 100th and 101st goals with the club, so it’s no surprise to hear himself speaking in a way that considers his long term legacy, and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

Then again, it’s rare to hear him say anything too speculative about his future, and he tries not to tease us by implying he’s going to stay. Usually “I haven’t decided yet” is his response.

This isn’t too different, but when he plays like this, we will take anything he offers us and run with it.