Jorginho: I want to be known as Chelsea’s Jorginho, not Sarri’s Jorginho

Jorginho insists that his main goal for the current season is to distance himself from the traditional perception the fans had of him.

The Italian wants to prove himself as a Chelsea player, and he also admits that the notion of his dependence on Maurizio Sarri insults him.

Jorginho said: “I was a little sad seeing people thinking I arrived here only because of [Sarri]. I arrived here because of my hard work, my day to day work, my sacrifices.

“It’s a challenge for me to show the fans that thanks to my work it’s why I got here.

I want to take this opportunity to have a good season and also for my name to be recognised by Jorginho who plays for Chelsea, not Jorginho who only works with Sarri.”

So far Lampard has shown that he regards Jorginho as a first XI player at Chelsea. He started the midfielder in both official games of the season, though employing him further down the field and to the right compared to Sarri.