Jorginho Reveals Why He Chose Chelsea Over Man City

The midfielder claims Maurizio Sarri played the main role in his move to London
As per the Italy international, the boss & he have a perfect relationship
The 26-year-old believes Sarri’s football is extremely attractive to watch for fans and to play in for players
On the reasons behind his decision to move to Stamford Bridge, Jorginho told ESPN Brazil: “There are a lot of things behind a negotiation process. I believe Sarri’s arrival played a big part on it. And there’s also the greatness of Chelsea, such a big club. So these factors helped me making my mind.”

Initially linked up at Napoli and proceeding to Chelsea together, the duo shares a special kind of relationship, the Italy international has confirmed: “Yes, it’s a pretty good relationship. He’s always bantering, joking with me. He didn’t call me, because he’s not the type to be phoning players, but of course, through agents, I knew what his wish was and what kind of work would be put in here.”

The playmaker has furthermore stressed, it’s a pure joy to play Sarri-ball: “Very offensive, very offensive. He’s very tactical and he works a lot on the tactical aspects of the game. Good football to watch, entertaining for us players to play in because there are always good moves and the players have fun playing under him.”

Having moved to Chelsea this summer, Jorginho has taken no adaptation time indeed, mainly because of the fact he has always know what exactly the newly-appointed specialist would demand from his key player. The 26-year-old has been demonstrating a superb form, a brilliant passing ability and a solid display overall. Remarkably, having completed 180 passes in Chelsea’s draw with the Hammers, the Italo-Brazilian established a new Premier League high since the records began in 2003.