Sky Sports are reporting that Callum Hudson-Odoi has rejected a bid from the club of a contract worth £85,000 per week.

It’s the latest blow in a series which has seen Bayern up their interest with a series of transfer offers, while our own advances to the young player to try and persuade him to stay are consistently rebuffed.

Clearly Callum feels his chances of playing are better in Germany, and it’s not hard to understand why.

This latest offer must mean we’re close to the end of this pursuit though.

We can’t really see the club offering much more than this, certainly reaching £100,000 would set expectations for young players that we simple won’t be able to manage.

This may well be our last offer, or close to it, so it really is time to hang up the Hudson-Odoi banners and sadly take down the contract signing celebration bunting. He’s off to Germany, almost certainly.

Do you want Hudson to go or stay?

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