N’Golo Kante is associated with a humble attitude but little is known about his life off the pitch. It’s not a coincidence.

Kante told Chelsea Magazine: ”I play football and I want to be considered as a footballer.

I don’t want people paying too much attention about what I am outside of football, what I’m doing, and asking: ‘Who is N’Golo?’

”Just consider me as a footballer, you don’t need to look too much at this and say: ‘Oh, he’s like this, he’s like this, he’s like this.’

Ask me about my football, and not too much else. I just want to be a player among the players.’

”I am how I am. I cannot explain it well, but I don’t feel the nicest person, on the football pitch or in life, I’m just myself.

If I win, I win and if I lose, I lose, but I always try to give my best in any competition. That’s not because I’m nice or something. I’m just myself.”