At the post-game press conference, Frank Lampard has answered the question about whether the players’ trip to Istanbul for the UEFA Super Cup clash had an impact on their fitness level against Leicester.

“I hate the tiredness excuse but I think it was a factor in the second half of the game,” Lampard said as cited by the Chelsea official website.

“We’re good enough that if that is a factor we can take it out by being better on the ball, we turned it over too many times, we allowed them counter-attacks which means you run a lot.

“The performance against Manchester United overall made me happier than today’s, even though it was a 4-0 defeat.

It’s clearly a results business and we need results as well as performances but I believe we have both in us because we have good quality.

“We need better game management. When the game turns slightly against us then we need to be good enough to wrestle that back and move the ball better so that’s something for us to keep working on.”