Lampard gives crucial reason why Chelsea sold David Luiz to Gunners.

Frank Lampard has admitted Chelsea did not really have a choice when David Luiz was sold to Arsenal.

The Gunners were the most insistent club in their desire to get the Brazilian, and there was no time to look for any other suitor than the Blues’ London rivals.

“I don’t think you can always dictate where a player goes, it depends on the situation,” Lampard said. “It was close to the deadline and Arsenal wanted him so we had to make a decision as a club.

“The decision was that David moves to Arsenal and I focus on what we have got here. Of course, he is a good player and he goes to a competitor but that’s what the situation was.”

On Thursday, Chelsea officially confirmed David Luiz’s departure to Arsenal on a two-year deal. The Gunners have paid £8m for the 32-year-old, according to Sky Sports.

It’s believed he’s fallen out with Frank Lampard over his first-team role in the upcoming season. The Blues manager allegedly prefers the Zouma-Christensen centre-back pairing.