Frank Lampard has offered his explanation of the sudden David Luiz’s exit from Chelsea.

The coach says it was a result of a series of conversation, in which it has become clear that the Brazilian doesn’t have a place in the team anymore.

Lampard said: “We had some honest conversations over the last week and the conclusion of that was he is gone.

“It is an area of the pitch where we have competition. I don’t have number ones or twos. They have to fight for that shirt.

“I wish him the best because he has been a big part of our history.”

The coach also denies any falling-out with Luiz or strikes on behalf of the player. The Brazilian did indeed miss the training on the day it was decided he is going to leave – but only on Lampard’s own orders.

He said: “The day David didn’t train was a decision that I made because it was clear the way we were going.”