Former Liverpool player Steven Gerrard has sent a strong warning to Chelsea boss Frank Lampard that he would relish the chance to renew his rivalry with the Chelsea boss as a manager.

Gerrard and Lampard were strong rivals during their time as footballers, with the debate over who was the better midfielder.

Gerrard also revealed he would love to renew his rivalry with Jose Mourinho.

“I admire Frank for his bottle, leading Chelsea in the biggest league in the world during a transfer ban. I’m proud of him as a former team-mate,” Gerrard told Daily Mail.

“There will naturally be a comparison to me and Frank because there was when we were players. Could we play together? Who was better? There is still an element of that but the reality is we are in two completely different jobs.”

When asked if he would love to renew his rivalry with Lampard as managers, Gerrard added: “So would I.

“I’m sure Frank has had the same thoughts. But I’d also love to become a rival to Jose Mourinho.”