Former Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata thinks his teammates at Stamford Bridge lost belief in his ability to score goals during his 18-month stay.

“I had stopped enjoying it,” Morata told COPE about his experience in West London.

“Now I’m happy, there were times I didn’t even believe in myself. In some games in England I felt like when my teammates saw me unmarked, I knew they thought I wouldn’t do anything good with the ball.

“I didn’t feel like doing anything, leaving home, talking to people, nothing. The only thing I had in mind was going to the World Cup, playing and being happy, and in the end, I was quite the opposite of happy.”

One of Morata’s highlights at the Bridge: a brace vs Crystal Palace:

Since the Spaniard joined the Blues in 2017, he only managed to net 24 goals in 72 games. Now, he is at Atletico Madrid and seems to be enjoying it:

he scored 13 goals in 30 appearances, including a goal in each of his six last games. Naturally, he’s received a Spain call-up and might play for his national team for the first time since June.