The Frenchman no longer plays as a defensive midfielder under the Italian.
The Blues’ manager wants the 27-year-old player to score more.
N’Golo’s goal opened the score in City victory.

He states he really likes playing offensively.
N’Golo Kante has recently opened up on how it feels for him to adjust to the new role on the football pitch. The Frenchman played as a defensive midfielder under Antonio Conte and at Leicester City in his glorious 2016/16 season at King Power. However, the midfielder has already got used to Maurizio Sarri’s demands.

The Frenchman states he tries tooth and nail to play the way The Blues’ manager wants him to: “The coach wants a very offensive team with a lot of pressing.

I’m trying to bring what I can in that regard, in movement, with my runs behind the back of the defence. When I have the ball, it’s with my back to goal, laying it off well and accompanying the attacks.”

Despite facing some difficulties in Chelsea’s defeats this season, the 27-year-old player remains positive about his current position on the pitch: “I’m enjoying it because you need to be decisive and take part in attacks. I can improve on my reading of the game, making the right decision at the right time and apply myself a bit more technically.”

When asked what the head coach told the player after the 1-3 catastrophy at Wembley, N’Golo said: “It’s nothing serious. He told me how he wanted to see me play, what he wanted me to do and I think it’s useful going forward.” Seems like Kante has listened to Sarri’s advise as he broke the deadlock against City in Chelsea’s last Premier League game and scored his second goal this campaign.