Official announcement of chelsea managerial appointment could come today -See full report


Chelsea could appoint Maurizio Sarri as Antonio Conte’s successor as soon as today, according to The Sun.

Matt Law of the Telegraph has claimed that Sarri will be appointed in the coming week, ahead of the start of Chelsea’s pre-season campaign.

The Sun have gone one step further in claiming that official announcement of the deal could come as soon as today.

It’s claimed that a deal has been agreed for the release of Sarri from his Napoli contract, while talks with Antonio Conte have also progressed over his dismissal.

We’ve seen various reports over the past few weeks claim that the deal is imminent. We’re inclined to take any reporting the same with an almighty pinch of salt.

It’s the worst kept secret in football that Sarri is close to Chelsea. These reports are complete guesswork, eventually one of them will be on the money

Until that time, though, we refuse to believe it.