The widespread of the coronavirus has brought stern measures to the game in the Premier League, as the football body tends to promote safety amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

The Premier League have announced that there will be no shaking of hands between players and referees ahead of matches for health reasons. However, the rest of the pre-game protocol will be performed as usual.

The coronavirus can be transmitted on to the hands and passed on via a handshake, and the Premier League are keen to promote the safety of its players and officials.

Meanwhile, the Premier League officials have no intention of cancelling the current season. However, if the threat of the coronavirus becomes more serious, the Premier League might consider postponing several games. If need be, the rescheduled matches will take place behind closed doors.

The worst-case scenario for the FA is to post games for more than two weeks, and the Premier League will televise matches played in front of empty seats, but they will still take place in order for the season to be completed.

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has revealed he is concerned about the outbreak of coronavirus. “As a manager, yes. As a father, yes. As a husband, yes,” Lampard said.

“I think we are all in the same boat as that is concerned.“We are taking all the right courses of action here within the club and I am as concerned as the rest of us, I guess.”