Even though Maurizio Sarri has become a target of the ever-increasing criticism for his lackluster football, some of the Italian footballing greats in Pirlo and Bergomi have come up with an ample explanation for Sarri’s hardships with the current squad:

“It is difficult to join these great teams with great players and impose their game with specific goals and positions in the field. He could do it at Napoli or Empoli with young players not yet at the top of their careers”, said Andrea Pirlo in his recent interview with Sky Sports.

So Sarriball is basically about ruining the best CDM in the world so you can accommodate a BTEC Italian Mark Noble

— Mark Goldbridge (@markgoldbridge) January 30, 2019
“You try to do it at Chelsea, Real or Barcelona, with players who have always done what they wanted in the field, and it becomes difficult. Chelsea play in a totally different way from Sarri’s Napoli. It is not difficult for him, it is difficult for everyone who goes to Chelsea.”

Giuseppe Bergomi, Inter Milan’s ex-player has joined in the argument, backing Andrea Pirlo’s opinion of ‘Sarriball’:

Must be brilliant to ‘understand’ Sarriball, you’re all so clever. All I see is some of the most excruciating football I’ve ever watched and our biggest league defeat in 23 years.

“In England you can not use many tactics or impose your rules repetitively. Although there are players from various nations, they all want to play and they always give intensity. Then the coach at Chelsea is always alone, he is not confronted with anyone.”