The Premier League has been given a two weeks break that would allow players to rest and refresh themselves before the season continues again for the last lap.

This break comes at the right time for Chelsea, as the Blues have only been struggling for results in the past few league games.

Regular Chelsea columnist and season ticket holder Giles Smith has explained how the break could help the club, especially with Chelsea having the longest break of all. Smith believes that it could even play a role in Chelsea’s push to maintain a top four finish.

Giles Smith wrote in his column for the official club website: “Indeed, I am delighted to observe, surveying the chart on the wall, that we and Manchester United get the longest gap between games – a juicy 16 days.

“And we kicked off five hours before United did last weekend, so we win. We are official Premier League Mid-Season Player Break champions 2020. Whatever else this season yields, we’ll always have that.

“And who knows how critical those extra five hours could prove to be? These are the tiny margins that, as the experts will tell you, make all the difference in elite sport.

“That little edge over our top-four rivals at this pivotal moment in the season could pay huge dividends in our battle for continuing Champions League football in 2020/21, in terms of fitness and focus when the chips are down. Well, here’s hoping, anyway.”