Sarri Sends Warning To Chelsea Fans-Read What He Had To Say

Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri has warned Chelsea may struggle in the early stages of the season as the players try to adjust to his style.

“I hope the second part of the season will be very good with a lot of points,” said Sarri.

“I expect in the first part of the season some problems. For sure, in this moment, we are not at the top of our potential. We did a pre-season… what can I say? Unusual, maybe. So now we are not at the top.”

Chelsea struggle to score goals last season and the goals didn’t flow freely during pre-season as the Blues scored just three goals in five games.

Sarri believes Chelsea’s goalscoring problems will be solved when the Blues learn to play at a faster tempo.

“We have to play at another speed,” said Sarri. “At present the players think too much about what to do. So the ball doesn’t move at the right speed.

“If we are able to play (faster), maybe scoring will not be a problem for us but at this current speed, it may be a problem.”