United fans send Tammy love & support after racial abuse from Chelsea fans

Manchester United fan Raj Ramnani: “This is disgusting! The guy missed a penalty! What does race, religion or anything else have to do with him missing a penalty?! It happens. Messi and Ronaldo have missed penalties.

“The guy missed a penalty, a lot of players have. It’s part and parcel of football.

I rate Abraham for having the confidence to step up and take the penalty in the first place on such a big stage and occasion at his young age. It shows guts and resilience. He’ll bounce back from it.”

Archiles Joseph: “Say no to racism abuse… Standing with you, Tammy.”

Olonade Saheedlaide: “Enough of this consolation words from the world football governing body, they just have to make a bold step regards this racial abuse. they can’t stand firm writing and pasting all sort of consolation in their website while action isn’t taken, there should be action.

“Consolation words aren’t just enough, something should be about this racism’s stuff… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”